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Let's talk about...

for the soul


Selected Speaking Topics

The Art of Virtue

What does it look like (literally!) to be courageous, wise, or just? Images of the virtues show us how to become virtuous.

Early Christian Art

Early Christians had more phoenixes than crosses, more images of the Old Testament than of Jesus. See how Christians painted the story of their faith.

The Imagination of Christian Nationalism

How is Christian Nationalism a crisis of the imagination? And how might we fix the problem by fixing our eyes on images and stories that better represent the fullness of the Gospel?

My Monster Is Myself

Images of the vices act as a mirror for the soul, showing us the ugly monsters that may be lurking within.

The Art of Death

The Christian tradition of memento mori tells us to remember that we will die. From catacombs to tombstones, the art of death can help teach you the art of life.

A Geography for the Soul

Christians designed worship spaces to design the people worshipping in them. Learn about the symbolism and purpose behind sacred spaces.

And more!

  • Bestiaries and climate care

  • Saint Patrick's connection to Purgatory

  • Troubles literature (Northern Ireland)

  • Around-the-world tours of Christian art and architecture

  • Art and Grief

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