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Becoming by Beholding

How does the imagination shape our soul? And how can we ensure it's shaping our soul in a way consistent with the beliefs, practices, and morals of the Christian faith? Take a glimpse at some of the imaginative practices of the past to see what kind of stories and images Christians imprinted upon their imaginations to make a mosaic for the soul.

Excerpts and Adapted Articles

A few articles based on research from Becoming by Beholding


"The Art of Fashioning the Soul"

An introduction to Becoming by Beholding, published in Christianity Today

"Making Virtue Personal"

Adapted from my chapter on the virtues. Published in Christian Scholar's Review blog.
prudence side.JPG

"Personifying Prudence: the Face(s) of Wisdom"

What does it look like to be wise?  Part 2 from Christian Scholar's Review.

Popular Articles


The Witness of Women Is Written on the Walls

In Christianity Today


St. Patrick Opened a Portal to Purgatory on This Little-Known Irish Island

In Smithsonian Magazine


Saint Patrick's Windows into Grief

In Plough

Bylines include Smithsonian Magazine, Christianity Today, Plough, Parabola, Christian Century, and Christ and Pop Culture

The Faces of Freedom

Personifications of virtues teach us how to be free from our worst enemies: ourselves. Published in Parabola

1.1 Pantocr.jpeg

A Vandalized Imagination

Christian nationalism as a crisis of the imagination. Published in Christian Century


What does death have to do with Advent? The Muppets show us how to appreciate the happy surprise of Christmas. Published in Christ and Pop Culture


Selected Academic Articles

Forming Christian Readers

Wisdom's Guiding Compass

Confession in Brett Easton Ellis

Redemptive Suffering in the Isenheim Altarpiece and Cal

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